Meeting Planners take care of the little details - while you concentrate on the big picture

You may be one of those people whose job includes planning a meeting or perhaps you have numerous meetings and cannot keep up with every task. Thanks to continuously shrinking budgets and growing demands from management, relying on partners has become increasingly beneficial. Many organizations turn to third-party meeting planners to help manage and implement their meeting strategies because planners offer expertise in every area of the business.

Jackie Cassarly, CMP (Certified Meeting Professional), says, “There are numerous ways a professional meeting planner can be valuable.” For example, site selection and contract negotiation save an organization a lot of time. It is often a free service, and the group receives a well negotiated contract.

Other tasks to outsource are meeting registration and on-site management. “This could mean the third-party planner makes sure rooms are set properly, signage is correct and displayed, audio visual is ready, and food & beverage are setup. This frees the organization planner to concentrate on registration or vice versa, while the third-party planner manages the registration, the organization planner manages the rest,” suggests Jackie Cassarly.

Hire a third-party meeting planner to coordinate the logistics of the entire meeting so you can concentrate on the program (speakers, content), sponsorship, exhibits and promotion of the meeting. There is an array of services a third-party planner offers to assist another planner or organization.

Hiring a third-party planner is cost effective, too. There is no salary or benefits, and it is not a full-time position. They are available when you need them and you pay only for the services you require.

Although she cannot find the author, one of Jackie’s favorite quotes is: “Countless unseen details are often the only difference between mediocre and magnificent.”  She has seen this truth proven a multitude of times.