How can The Planning Connection, Inc., help you?

Site Selection and Contract Negotiation

The Planning Connection, Inc. specializes in meeting and conference site selection and contract negotiation.  We will select a venue that meets or exceeds your group’s expectations and negotiate a contract at no cost to your group.

Once a contract is signed, it is difficult to change.  Therefore it is crucial to negotiate everything into the contact before signing it. The saying in the industry is: before the contract is signed you are negotiating; after the contract is signed, you are begging.

Our experience in negotiating contracts saves our clients time and money.  In a time when budgets keep shrinking and a greater demand on performance, outsourcing to the Planning Connection is the smart thing to do.  You receive added assistance at no cost to you.

How Does this Work?

Third-party planners are compensated by the property you select.  Rest assured The Planning Connection does not have any special deals or contracts with any hotel.  You are the decision maker.  Simply tell us the city you wish to have the meeting, we will do all the research and report the findings to you.  Together we review the information and choose specific venues to visit and evaluate. Once the venue is chosen, we negotiate the contract for you.


We save you time:

  • conducting research
  • identifying the right venues to consider
  • organizing and performing site visits
  • negotiating a contract

We save you money

  • identifying concessions that are of value to the group
  • negotiating lower attrition fees and cancellation fees
  • receive the lowest room rate possible

Your organization is fully advised of the research findings, site evaluations, and contract negotiations throughout the entire process.  Your group makes all the decisions having as much information as possible.  Your group signs the contract without the pressure of a sales team.  Your group is in control at all times.

What is Needed to get Started?

A review of the program and your objectives are all that is needed to enlist the support of the Planning Connection site selection experts.  Contact us today.

Site selection and contract negotiations can be provided at no cost to you. Contact or call 352-378-5995 for details or to schedule a free consultation.

Additional Services

As a full meeting planning agency, additional Planning Connection services (fee based) include:

  • Site selection
  • Contract negotiation
  • Create and/or maintain a website
  • Develop budget
  • Find professional speakers
  • Setup and manage event registration
  • Monitor hotel reservations
  • Coordinate audio-visual equipment and/or support
  • Produce a tradeshow
  • Obtain sponsors
  • Promote and market the event
  • Coordinate food services
  • Plan special events
  • Arrange for photography, video, and/or presentation recordings
  • Plan banquets
  • Arrange transportation
  • Assist with the purchase of conference gifts/incentives
  • Furnish on-site registration
  • Provide on-site logistics management
  • Organize area activities

For a free consultation, contact or call 352-378-5995.