Check List for a Green Meeting


  • Choose host cities and event venues which minimize travel and transportation


  • Green Lodging Certification
  • Solar panels installed

Hotel room

  • Water conservation
  • Efficient light bulbs
  • Linen and towel reuse
  • Sensors or timers to control lighting in intermittent‐use areas
  • Programmable thermostats with motion detectors used to control heating and air conditioning in guest rooms
  • A policy to turn off lighting and air conditioning when rooms are not in use
  • Use environmentally friendly cleaning products with low toxicity
  • A marketing campaign that visibly communicates to guests details of their environmental efforts

Meeting Space

  • Recycle bins – paper, glass bottles, plastic bottles, aluminum cans

Food & Beverage

  • Is food purchased from local growers
  • A food composting program and a food donation policy
  • Bill Emerson Good Samaritan Act was passed by Congress more than a decade ago to protect food donors
  • Provide condiments in serving containers and not individual packets for all food functions
  • Any disposable cups, plates, etc. that are used will be recyclable or compostable and will be disposed of in an environmentally responsible manner
  • Use cloth napkins, china, glassware, and silverware in lieu of paper and plastic for all food functions
  • Filtered water stations in lieu of water bottles


  • Make registration process paperless using online programs
  • Downsize or eliminate collateral entirely by utilizing PDA devices and/or kiosks
  • Handouts can be downloaded on CD’s
  • Make presentations available on website to download after event
  • Eliminate program books. Use kiosks showing details during event
  • Buy bags made of recycled materials
  • Use eco‐friendly materials - print event brochures, flyers and signage on recycled, chlorinefree paper using soy‐based inks
  • Build partnerships with green suppliers and vendors
  • Communicates to attendees environmental efforts


  • Transport attendees in shuttle buses that have a low environmental impact; electrically run or those with new engines, tires and logistics technology