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How much will your services cost me?

Research of  locations/venues, and contract negotiation services are free to the client as the Planning Connection is compensated by the property you select. Additional meeting planning services are available for a fee based upon the services required.

Does the Planning Connection contract with certain hotels?

The Planning Connection can work with any hotel to negotiate a successful and fair contract between you and the property. The Planning Connection has no contract with any hotel or chain.

Do you only provide contract services?

We offer full meeting-planning services, from site selection to post conference follow-up.

I already have a signed contract with a venue. How can you help me at this stage?

For an agreed-upon fee, we can provide a full array of services such as registration, hotel reservation management, arranging room setups and audio-visual services, ordering food and beverage, coordinating an exhibit show, and performing on-site management, to name just a few.

Do you work on meetings of all sizes?

Yes, we do. Whether your attendees number 10 or 10,000, we can negotiate a successful contract for you. We can also plan your meeting from start to finish.

I need help with an entire meeting. Can you negotiate the contract and organize the event?

Yes, we can. The Planning Connection team is able to assist you with all aspects of your meeting.

Which types of meetings/events has the Planning Connection organized?

The Planning Connection has organized annual association conferences (educational meetings, research meetings), tradeshows, golf tournaments, dinners, auctions, and more.

What about a dinner or off-site event during the meeting?

The Planning Connection is happy to assist with all aspects of the meeting. We have arranged and managed off-site dinners at places like the Ponderosa in Lake Tahoe, Ellis Island in New York, and a winery in Oregon, to name a few.

Can you help me get sponsors for my meeting?

The Planning Connection team can assist you with creating sponsorships and securing sponsors for your event.

Who would refer your services?

Since 1998, The Planning Connection has provided full meeting-planning services across the country and even in Canada. Clients include a number of health care professionals such as Administrators, Chairmen, Cardiologists, Veterinarians, as well as other types of associations. We will be happy to give you contact information upon request. Our peers who have worked with us or experienced an event we produced have endorsed us on LinkedIn.

How can The Planning Connection make my job easier?

We are experienced in all aspects of meeting planning so you can feel confident the tasks you assign us will be completed. One of our primary goals is to exceed expectations.  The Planning Connection Team is knowledgeable, experienced and driven for success.